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Ashwini is the first nakshatra of the zodiac having a spread from 0°-0'-0" to 13°-20' and is ruled by the node Ketu. Ashwini is governed by the Ashwins, the twin horsemen. The Sun is Exalted here and the horse is the preferred transport of the Sun God. Sun's exaltation in Ashwini is a reminder to the soul of their eternal connection.

In the zodiac at 0° in Mesha there is a reddish star which the western astronomers call Arietis. The Indians named it Aswini. The deity for Aswini Nakshatra is Aswi or the Duality known as Aswini Kumar Twins, the physician of the Gods. The Puranas relate that the two Aswini Kumaras were born of mother Sanga and father Ravi. Ashwini nakshatra falls in the zodiac sign of Mesha, which is ruled by the aggressive and fiery planet Mars.

A person born in this Nakshatra is inclined towards serving others, is humble by nature, is truthful, has a contented family life. Ashwini Nakshatra brings about quick aid and energization. People born in Ashwini are very active, always busy doing something and they will spend their time keeping their house neat and clean.

Ashwini rules all forms of transportation and fast travel.This represents a person with a happy, carefree disposition, very intelligent, infact rather an above-average person in this respect. Vast learning, well developed brain power, faith in religion, sacrificing tendency, ambitions, philosophical and social are the traits of those born under this nakshatra.

This star is under the planetary lordship of Venus and is within the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. The star Bharani represents the character of Agni Rasi Tamo Guna. The etymological meaning of Bharani is "what deserves to be cultivated and preserved" that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned. Bharani's animal symbol is the Elephant.This star is connected with the energies we expend to maintain ourselves in the material world.

Bharani Nakshatra takes away that which has reached its term of life to a new condition. It shows the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline, self-control to be faithful, be firm, enduring supporting, maintaining, nourishing, etc. In case of strong malefic influences , persons may develop extreme tendencies like crimes, murders, terrorism, etc.

If a person is born in this Nakshatra, he is cruel, ungrateful and no sense of indebtness, achieves notoriety, fears water, is restless and wicked.They are stable, knowledgeable and truthful. Bharni born are honest and they are frank in their opinions and do not want to modify their opinions to please others. An interesting feature of those born in Bharni is that they are quiet fond of spreading rumors.

Females born in this nakshatra are career minded. They act more like a leader of a group, rather than an ordinary family member. Bharani- born have agnetic personality, changing moods, business minded, influential, high position.

Krittika is also known as the "Star of Fire" and is related to a commander, fighter, foster mother, lustre, glow of power, physical and creative force. Krittika being a female nakshatra suggests passivity, indicating that Krittika needs outer energy or life circumstance to activate their power.

Krittika Nakshatra burns up negativity, purifies what is mixed, and cooks or prepares that which is not yet ripe.This nakshatra rules war, battles, and disputes. Planets in Krittika activate its passive energy. Krittika denotes capability to give a desired change in a form by burning out all the impurities of life or the wrongs and give birth to purity, morality and virtues.

People with this nakshatra have a cutting wit and can be sarcastic and critical. They are stubborn, aggressive and can be very angry. Those born under Krittika nakshatra have strained relations with relatives and friends. However, these persons are gluttons, fond of spicy foods, well-versed academically, fond of opposite sex, bright in appearance , misers, worried nature and of widespread fame.

Those born on a Krittika day are fiery and full of creative energy. They like to take on big projects and are highly ambitious and self-motivated.Vast learning, logical, doubting mind, creative ability, unsteady fortune, hot bod, enthusiastic, engineering brain and brave are their typical characteristics.

'Rohini' is the wife of Chandra who is said to have been fond of fine dress, cosmetics and décor and was the most beloved of Chandra or Moon. Those born in the star Rohini are agriculturists, experts, well-behaved, handsome, good speakers and poets. Rohini Nakshatra evokes some degree of jealousy because others may resent that a person gains such abundance. It can increase desire. But these are only side effects to its great prosperity.

A person born in this Nakshatra is efficient in religious activities, earns his livelihood through agricultural occupation, is endowed with beauty, is a master-conversationalist, a genius and efficient in arts. They are extremely materialistic and frown on those who don't measure up to their taste and high culture.

One who is born under this star will have to control his/her stubborn nature if they want to work in groups or be in professions that require dealing with people. They can be extremely critical of others, looking down at their seeming low class.

Females born in this nakshatra tend to display whatever riches they have.They are also short tempered and invite troubles. They possess inherent aptitude for any work entrusted to them.

Males born in this nakshatra have very attractive eyes with a special magnetic touch. He can attain great success in his life provided a little restraint is kept in the freedom of his mind. Those born under this nakshatra are well learned, influential, travel minded, artistic, business like, spiritual and of changing affections.


It conveys the ideas of searching for beautiful faces, visit or request a girl in marriage. People born in this nakshatra have a strong body and moderate complexion.

They are sincere in their behavior towards others and expect that others should also behave in the same way. They have a good grasping power, can quickly learn new things and have a creative nature.

A person born in this Nakshatra is a sharp shooter, loved by the king and follows virtuous path.They always have financial and personal difficulties. Females born in this nakshatra like to keep themselves busy in some way after the marriage. Vast learning, likes research, high position, noble views of life, mystical are some of the traits exhibited by those born under Mrigashirsa nakshatra

The lord of Ardra is Budha. The symbol of Ardra is is a tear-drop.
Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice, afflicted by sickness, fear and angry. They are bereft of money and corns. Ardra born people can behave very cooly during the times of extreme hardship and plan their actions accordingly and they get employed in professions that are related with travel and foreign places.

One born under this nakshatra is thrifty, insincere , ungrateful and sinful and at times they will spend foolishly.They are flexible and open to change, and often make attempts to change their negative traits. Those born under this nakshatra will suffer from heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.

They are religiousness, of responsible positions, artistic, brave, prone to litigations, have laziness, is a leader and passionate.

It denotes the ideas of abode, residence, back to home, sojourn, recurrence, commencement, to shine or grow bright again, to enter into life again, renewal of riches, etc.

A person born in this Nakshatra has numerous friends, is a practitioner of sacred texts and scriptures, possesses gems, jewels and ornaments etc. and they have the spirit to rise from the ashes. These people have a good height and an oval face. They tend to be obese in their later age.

Females born in this nakshatra are calm but tend to get into arguments to exhibit their intelligence. This may give rise to disputes with other family members. She will be leading a comfortable life. She cannot enjoy good health.

Males born in this nakshatra can shine and get success in almost all the subjects except in partnership businesses or deals. He does not like to cause trouble to others, on the other hand he tries to help the needy.

Those born in this nakshatra are good natured, have trials in life, are cultered, helping nature, vanity minded, failure and success come often.


Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices is emphasized.

The person born under this Nakshatra has a healthy body, obeys his parents, religious, humble, fortunate and possesses wealth and vehicles etc.These people respect laws and believe that nobody should be above the law.

These people are likely to suffer from lack of hormones that help in body growth and digestion, skin troubles, cough and cold and asthma. Males born in this sign are likely to be tall but thin. Females born in this sign are short in stature with an oval face.

They are devotional, wealthy, doubting, soft nature, jack of all trades and well placed.


A person born in 'Ashlesha Nakshatra' is a born wanderer i.e. travels unnecessarily, wicked, causes anguish to others, spends his wealth for evil purposes, and is a sensualist.Their disease resistant capacity is limited. They tend to put on weight in the middle age.

They are actively associated with organisation or persons or services where some underhand dealings are undertaken. They also make successful politicians. These people can make some of the best statesmen, given a favorable combination of planets like Jupiter, Sun and Mars.They have excellent communication skills and many of them are good orators.

Females born in this nakshatra know how to win their opponents through tact.They are good for administrative works. Males born in this sign, are reluctant to come out with their views openly.

Those born in the Nakshatra of Aslesh are moody, short tempered , have harsh speech, is wealthy, religious and slow in their deeds.


A person born in this Nakshatra is strong-hearted, respects his father, is a learned man, intelligent and is a winner. Magha born will respect the elders and their experience. They are straight forward, do not like to harm others and expect that others should not harm them in any way.

These people are often failures if they undertake independent business, as reckless profit making is not in their blood. A person born in this Nakshatra will respect others and in turn expect respect from them.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from diseases like asthma, epilepsy or cancer. .Males born in this nakshatra get a good, trustworthy wife. Females born in this nakshatra are religious minded and most devoted to their husbands and they will suffer from uterine problems. They have the capacity to command, are wealthy, devoted, social workers and have moral standard.


Poorvaphalguni is the symbol of good fortune and luck. It is the birth star of Vrhaspati.A person born in this Nakshatra is very brave, fosters many people, clever but cunning, lusty and rough.They will have a long face and are generally handsome. They do not like underhand dealings and given a chance, would like to prevent others form indulging in those activities.Their independent nature often makes them difficult to enjoy the confidence of their superiors.

These people eat a lot and tend to suffer from headache, sinus or high blood pressure. A person born in this Nakshatra tends to be scrupulously honest and cannot stand back quietly and watch any illegal activity.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like asthma and related breathing troubles, dental problems and abdominal complications.


Those born in the Uttara Phalguni are wealthy; know the science of weapons, impotent, respectful and endowed with attractive eyes. They are fixed to the sciences and stingy in expending money. They are givers, kind hearted, happy and endowed with good qualities, famous, kingly, daring and extremely soft personalities. They win over their enemies, loved by women, experts in arts, truthful, and learned. They are obedient, religious, loved by people, stable and bright. They are fearful but good warmers.


They know how to win over the other party, hence these people can be good diplomats or are suitable for any profession.They do not have the formal education, but they can carry out the responsibilities assigned to them through their all round knowledge and efforts.

A person born in this Nakshatra is a very creative person and work very well with their hands. Those who born under this nakshatra are good at organising and managing things.They also excel at jobs, which involve a lot of travelling.

People born in Hasta tend to suffer from sinusitis, cough, cold and asthma. Overindulgence may lead to high blood pressure and heart ailments.Talented, wealthy, materialistic, fluent speaker, quarrelsome, sacrificing tendency.


In ancient time the star was known as the 'Star of Prosperity'. Chitra allows us to gain the fruit of our good karma that comes through righteousness. It has a highly spiritual energy and effect.

A person born in this Nakshatra defeats his enemies gallantly, is an expert in politics and has extraordinary intelligence.They enjoy good health and always appear much younger than their actual age. If a Chitra born native has a powerful Neptune in his/her chart, the person will have dreams that can foretell the future.

Many of  them will pursue higher education and will retain a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like kidney and bladder troubles, psychiatric and brain disorders etc. They are earned, sickly, magicians, superstitious, tactful and of hard mind.


A person born in this Nakshatra is endowed with tremendous beauty, flirts with many women, is jolly and receives wealth from the king. Females born in this sign and nakshatra walk as if they are thinking deep before taking every step and trying to balance their body before taking any further action.They do not like to do any injustice to others neither do they like any injustice being done to them. Swati people have an ability to "bend with the wind" in order to survive the forces of change which they may encounter.

A person born under this star is good at buying and selling, his wealth and property come and go quite easily.They are broad-minded and attract people from diverse backgrounds.

Many of those born under this nakshatra will be involved in religious or social work.Swati's primary motivation is artha or material prosperity. Rahu, the ruling planet, can create a strong desire for financial success and lust for life.They are cultered, learned, famous, submissive to ladies, passionate and wealthy.


Vishakha does not give immediate results but perhaps greater long term gains. Indra and Agni here are related to agriculture showing the ripening effect of heat, rain and seasonal changes.

A person born in this Nakshatra is religious minded having inclination towards performing rites and rituals etc., is of unstable nature and unfriendly.Vishakha born have a well-proportioned body, but they tend to be obese and put on weight with the passing of age. Vishakha people can be envious or covetous of the success of others. They may lack a strong social network of friends and feel isolated and alone against the world. Bitterness and resentment may result.

Those born under this nakshatra are likely to have a very happy marital life and will make good marriage partners. A man born under this star works at various things but hardly concentrates on any one of them.They are an excellent communicator, and they write and speak well.

Females born in this nakshatra are beautiful and religious in nature. They need to have a well balanced diet and should exercise regularly to keep them fit.They will have a sweet tongue and quiet diplomatic in their choice of words.They are dreamers, liking astrology, administrators, brave, strong and of charitable nature.


People born in this nakshatra also show some very peculiar characteristics.Those born under this star have to face several obstacles in their life, and hence they have a somewhat defeated look on their face.They can reside in foreign lands and achieve success away from their homeland. Anuradha people usually possess good health and vitality. Called the "star of success," Anuradha natives can demonstrate organizational skills and call others to activity.

Anuradha born, are not on good terms with their parents and other close relations. Some of them may be creative, especially in the performing arts. Many of them will shine in social and political fields. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from minor bodily ailments like asthma, breathing trouble, cough and cold and dental problems.They need to watch their dietary habits due to an inability to bear hunger or thirst. They have a strong appetite for life in general.They are learned, have deep devotion, softness, musical talents, royal position, quickness.


The chief deity is Indra, the King of the Gods and protector of heroes. He is the divine warrior and "dragon slayer." He rides the mighty elephant, carries the thunderbolt and demonstrates the power of truth. Indra is known for his daring nature, courage, power, and glory. Jyeshta allows us to reach the summit of our personal powers but it requires great courage and effort. People born in this nakshatra possess a mix of the qualities of Mercury and Mars.

Jyeshtha born have excellent physical stamina and a good physical appearance.The qualities make them appear like a very proud person, but the facts are actually different.

The people born under this star are not very clear about the profession they want to pursue for life, and hence keep on changing jobs or the lines of business often.They are an expert at working with their hands and at fashioning metals.They can be involved in religious practices while simultaneously entrenched in materialistic pursuits. The primary motivation of Jyeshtha is artha or material prosperity. They are artisitc, lover of ornaments, costly dresses, dreamers, brave, agriculturists, philosophical and well-talented


Moola does not indicate fortune or luck. The people born on this nakshatra will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life.The ruler of this lunar mansion is Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. The Mula individual may possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject.

The people born on this nakshatra gain the wisdom and knowledge through their hard work. Theycause destruction to their families.They are peace- loving personalities, but will not hesitate to fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

Moola born people have multiple skills and hence, change of professions is a regular feature for these people and they spend their money recklessly.These people do not enjoy good equation with their parents.They are ambitious, learned, wavering, writers, proud, talkative, travellers and very helpful.


Purva Ashadha means the undefeated or unsubdued and is called the invincible star. Its natives are very proud people with the ability to influence and empathize with the masses. Purva Ashadha usually brings fame, wealth, fertility and much wisdom.

They tend to get into arguments with others and prove their intelligence through the arguments.They lack the necessary logical reasoning to take a well thought out decision. These natives can exhibit an over-expansive nature, and usually do what they like without considering others opinions. They are good debaters and can defeat anyone in an argument. They can become obstinate and will not submit to the demands of anyone.

Poorvashadha born seriously start thinking about pursuing any of their interests. The females born in this nakshatra have a determination to lead the group, wherever they are. They are clever, helpful, brave, conspirers, selfish, evil minded and wealthy.


Uttarashadha brings us to the summit of our power, support and recognition, not so much through our personal efforts but with the appropriate alliances and support of all the Gods. Uttarashadha born can be driven like a workaholic, extremely persistent when excited, but if they loose interest they become lazy, introspective, and not finish what they started.

A strongly placed moon in the natal chart of some Uttarashadha born can give them a fair complexion. The people born under this nakshatra do not trust others easily and it is only after spending considerable times with them that others can get an entry into the inner circle of their friends.

The males born in this nakshatra are good mediators in any dispute. A good Mercury placed in their natal chart con make them a good consultant or advisor in any field. They are usually preachers, respected, noble, basting, of wavering mind and often short tempered.


A person born in this Nakshatra is well versed in the sacred texts and scriptures, has many sons and friends, and destroys his enemies. These people like to mingle with others and have a large network of friends.

Sravana born people are ready to help others, they seldom gain the respect and faith of those whom they help. Those who born under this nakshatra will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life.

A male born in this nakshatra will be of medium height and a slender body. Females born in this nakshatra tend to be too much talkative and they have some rigid ideas about their husbands and they are not ready to compromise when it comes to the qualities of their husband.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like eczema and skin diseases, T.B., rheumatism etc. They are brave, administrators, adaptable, tactful, wealthy, have evil company and are slow in their deeds.


A person born in this Nakshatra is of excellent behaviour, practical, rich, powerful and kind hearted. People born in this nakshatra are lean and tall, with good ability to resist contagious diseases. These people get angry and are determined to crush the offender with all their might.These people need to take proper care of their health, as they tend to neglect their health problems till they reach the extreme stage.

Dhanishta born are passionate about the past and spend time in learning about it. Dhanishtha Nakshatra has one uncommon characteristic denoting delayed marriage or unhappy married life.

Females born in this nakshatra always look younger than their actual age. Marital life will be happy and satisfactory. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like anaemia, cough and cold etc. Women may suffer from uterine problems.They are patient, suffering, royal life, enduring, revengeful, brave and social


Satabhisha brings about a healing crisis leading to revitalization. A person born in this Nakshatra is brave, clever and destroys his enemies. People born in this nakshatra are very simple, principled people living a simple, straightforward life. Satabhisha born are ideally suited for any scientific career or a research job. hatabhisha born are are very changeable and often confuse people.

The males born in this nakshatra are generally biased, very religious and god-fearing. The females born in this nakshatra are tall and thin, with a matured expression on their face and they are very religious and god-fearing.Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like urinary tract diseases, diabetes, breathing trouble, cough and cold, pneumonia etc.

They are cultured, artistic, writers, sacrifising, submissive to the fairer sex, soft hearted and religious.


A person born in this Nakshatra has full control over his sense organs, is intelligent, an expert in all art forms, and destroys his enemies. Poorvabhadrapada born are risk takers and their charming personality often gets them out of tight spots.

A person born in the first three quarters of this nakshatra has a slender, tall stature. Poorvabhadrapada born have set of principles in their life, which they like to follow under any circumstances.

Poorvabhadrapada born are a very adaptable kind and can change themself as the situation warrants. They spend money in the most proper way, avoiding any misuse of the same. Poorvabhadrapada born are engaged in the revenue collection department or in any capacity where cash transactions take place.

Females born in this nakshatra have a well-balanced body and they will not extend their helping hand unless they are convinced fully that such kindness, sympathy and generosity are actually required. They are a little more practical minded when it comes to charity.

Males born in this nakshatra can easily enjoy the respects and confidence of others even if they are financially weak.Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like paralytic attacks, diabetes, gastric and abdominal problems.They are spiritual, unattached, helpful, unknown, patient, boasting, quarrelsome and famous.


born are a loving and merciful person and always willing to reach out to others.They tend to make a fortune at a place far away from their place of birth. Marital life will be harmonious and satisfactory and children will be a source of joy and happiness.

A male born in this sign has the basic qualities to be a good company of people, treating all as equal irrespective of their social status.Their behavior is extremely cordial, respectful and praise worthy.

The females born in this nakshatra are charming, caring towards their family members and know how to manage the affairs of their house. And they will not hesitate to sacrifice even their life to those who love them. One who is born under this nakshatra could suffer from minor complaints like bodily aches and pains, rheumatism etc.

They are soft, helpful, suspicious, learned, devotional, religious, planning.


A person born in the Revati nakshatra is short tempered and it is very difficult to make them accept the view, which does not suit their principles in life. Revati born persons are the most God fearing and religiously much inclined.

These people have to depend on their own efforts to make progress in life. Revati born will have a tendency to overburden themself with others' problems and this could cause their health to suffer. Marital life will be very harmonious and their spouses are very compatible.

Females born in this nakshatra are stubborn and authoritative. They are also good at jobs that require repetitive skills.They may be an Ambassador or a person representing their country for cultural or political matters.

Males born in this nakshatra are likely to suffer mainly from abdominal disorders. They will be interested in the scientific solutions, historical research and ancient cultures. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from complaints like ulcers, intestinal disorders, orthopaedic and dental problems.They are artistic, have divine qualities, are noble, successful and well-respected in society.



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